Praia da Marinha is one of the most romantic destinations for Valentine's Day

According to “European Best Destinations” and “Forbes US” magazine

Photo: Bárbara Caetano | Sul Informação - File

Praia da Marinha, in the municipality of Lagoa, was selected by “European Best Destinations” and by “Forbes US” magazine as one of the 16 most seductive destinations in Europe «to reinvent Saint Valentine's Day in safety».

Câmara de Lagoa emphasizes that these two sites are followed "by millions of people passionate about travel".

The municipality adds that «The best destinations for Valentine's Day require, in this year of 0, the complementary guarantee of “More Safe”. Praia da Marinha, tucked away by the lacy coast of the municipality of Lagoa, gathers, according to specialists in the travel industry, the two conditions to be a favorite destination on this St. Valentine's Day».

According to the Câmara de Lagoa, the “safe tourist destination brand has been associated with measures taken by local and regional public health and civil protection officials.

The indication of Praia da Marinha as “the best destination for Valentine's Day” is justified, according to “Forbes” by the exceptional conditions created by nature.

«(…) The climate is mild and sunny (…) the ocean, in all shades of blue and mainly calm and warm, invites you to take long baths and practice water sports. The hidden heart formed by the rocks of Praia da Marinha, in Lagoa, is especially romantic», according to the article.

Moreover, the municipality "recently revamped the access and created a parking space, to safeguard the environmental issues inherent in the disorganized use of the site, as well as the creation of a viewpoint overlooking the cliff."