Pinheiro e Rosa and ECOS Cooperative join for the “EducAction” project

The project will run until March 2022

The Pinheiro and Rosa Grouping of Schools (Faro) and the ECOS Cooperative will present on February 23, in a webinar, a new project, called “EducAction”, which aims to strengthen the social and civic skills of young people. 

The webinar will run from 10:00 am to 12:0 pm and will be broadcast on Youtube of the Grouping of Schools and ECOS Facebook.

Registration is free, but must be done through this link.

As explained by the Pinheiro e Rosa Schools Group, "this project aims to promote the social and civic skills of young people, reinforcing the centrality of the school and the community in which it operates and with which it interacts."

In particular, the objective is “to work to build a model of inclusive civic participation, involving all agents in the school community”.

The project will be developed with two 10th grade classes, from the Secondary School of Pinheiro e Rosa, with sessions where it is intended to work, with students, on the necessary steps for a participatory decision-making process and to involve different stakeholders in the school context.

«The proposal involves identifying a relevant issue for the school community, in order to develop a
concrete solution'.

The EducAction project will run until March 2022, being coordinated by ActionAid – Italy and involving the following European partners: Ecos – Cooperative of Education, Cooperation and Development, CRL (Portugal); UC Limburg vzw (Belgium); Asteri (Greece).

This project is co-financed by the European Union – Education, Audiovisual, and Cultural Executive Agency (Erasmus+).



Webinar Schedule

10:00 am – Opening and reception

institutional greetings

Joana Franco (ECOS) / Francisco Soares (Director AEPROSA)

The partner school and the EducAction project

André Lara Ramos (Deputy Director AEPROSA)
Patrícia Henriques (EducAction Project Coordinator)

Presentation of developed activities and results

Sara Viegas and Julian Figueiredo (10.B)
Enzo Barriga and Tomás Silva (10.D)
Alun@s Secondary School of Pinheiro e Rosa


Thanks and closing