January was hot on the globe and very cold in Portugal

In mainland Portugal, this January was the 4th coldest in the last 20 years

Despite being very cold and dry in mainland Portugal globally, January 2021 was classified as the sixth warmest January (equal to 2018) with an anomaly of +0.24 °C in relation to 1991-2020 average.

In North America, Greenland and over the Arctic Ocean, temperatures were far above average, while in Siberia they were far below average.

Europe recorded an average temperature close to the normal value, with some regions in Northern Europe (southern Norway and central Sweden) recording values ​​below average, while regions in the south-eastern part of Europe recording values ​​above average.

In mainland Portugal, this January was the 4th coldest in the last 20 years, with an average air temperature of 8.02 °C, -0.79 °C in relation to the 1971-2000 normal (lowest value in 2006: 7.65 °C).

The average maximum temperature value was the 4th lowest since 2000, with a deviation of -0.78 °C from normal and the average minimum temperature value was also lower than normal (-0.81 °C).

The first three weeks of January were extremely cold with maximum and minimum air temperature values ​​lower than the 1971-2000 climatological normal.

This cold weather episode was characterized by its prolonged character (more than 3 weeks), the persistence of several consecutive days with negative temperatures (> 10 consecutive days in 1/3 of the seasons), particularly in the northern and central interior, the discomfort thermal associated with low temperatures (on some days boosted by the intensity of the wind) and territorial coverage, all of these aspects having an importance in the possible impacts that it may have had on the population.

In terms of the territory, January 9th was the coldest day in this period, with an average temperature of 2.98°C, and the 5th, 6th and 8th of January, with average values ​​of average temperature below 4°C.

From the 20th, there was an increase in temperature (to values ​​above the normal), having ended the situation of prolonged cold that occurred in mainland Portugal.

The average value of the amount of precipitation in January, 90.8 mm, corresponds to 77% of the 1971-2000 normal value. Until the 20th, there was no occurrence of precipitation in almost the entire territory. The most significant values ​​of precipitation occurred between 20 and 31 January.

The January 2021 climate summary is available for consultation on this link (PDF).

To find out about the January climate bulletin, with the most complete information about the month, wait until it is published and posted on the link: https://bit.ly/3p0J104