Hospital Lusíadas de Albufeira bets on «innovative surgery» to treat hemorrhoids

This is the only health unit in the Algarve to offer this technique

The Lusíadas Hospital in Albufeira now offers “an innovative surgery using laser for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which has been revolutionizing the treatment of the disease”, announced the Lusíadas Saúde group.

The private hospital unit in Albufeirense thus becomes «a pioneer, in the Algarve region, in the use of this technique, which has proved to be effective and guarantees a practically painless post-operative period and an early return to normal life».

According to surgeon Eduardo Xavier, “surgery in the treatment of hemorrhoids is generally much feared, as it is synonymous with a postoperative period with violent pain, painful recovery and the possibility of serious complications”.

“These fears lead many patients to refuse surgical treatment preferring to continue to suffer. Fortunately, and thanks to this new procedure, this scenario does not have to be a reality and has, in fact, changed the lives of these people”, said the doctor.

«The use of laser in hemorrhoid surgery is a consolidated technique, very effective, with excellent results and that, in addition to not requiring hospitalization, guarantees an almost painless postoperative period, not requiring dressings or other care after the intervention. This solution allows patients an early and easy return to normal life», added the specialist.

Based on the experience already obtained, Eduardo Xavier states that “this innovative procedure has shown excellent results and a great degree of satisfaction witnessed by patients who have already undergone surgery. And, although it is performed under anesthesia, as a rule, the procedure does not require hospitalization and hospital stay is limited to just a few hours».

The Hospital Lusíadas de Albufeira is «the only health unit in the Algarve to offer this technique».