Faro reviews budget and launches 11,5 million investment plan

Requalification of Estrada do Moinho da Palmeira is one of the planned works

Fabiana Saboya|File Photo

Faro it will have an investment plan of more than 11,5 million euros, after last Friday, February 19, the first revision of the 2021 budget, which incorporates the balance, was approved at a Chamber meeting. from the previous year's management.

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the Chamber of Faro emphasizes that this budget review, with the inclusion of 11,47 million euros of the management balance, "happens earlier this year and allows the municipality to trigger a set of procedures of significant amount".

One of the reinforced sectors «is the control and mitigation of the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthened by more than two million euros for direct support to Civil Protection, Fire Brigade and also to families, IPSS's and companies and the municipality».

The Chamber will also increase the funds for the associative movement and the parishes, "entities that this year will have an extended municipal financial support with most of the 2.982.900 euros now registered in the transfers item".

The education sector, emphasizes the municipality, "remains the target of special attention and in 2021 it knows important investments in the scope of the new skills assumed in the past year". The reinforcement for investment in the school park is 534.150 euros.

Already the cultural movement that, «in the face of the candidacy of Faro the European Capital of Culture 2027, faces an unprecedented challenge in the next biennium, is deserving of an additional financial effort of 439.500 euros which will become evident in the development of new initiatives and in the reinforcement of programming using local and regional production».

For housing, «and at the same time that an investment of 28 million is being prepared in the construction of 205 social homes», 134.900 euros were reserved, with the development of procedures for the construction of houses at controlled costs and with the improvement interventions of the existing park.

With regard to public space, with the budget, the Municipality of Faro «will reinforce the allocation of the program Faro It requalifies and continues its strategy of recovering the attractiveness of the municipality and its communication channels».

In the city, the municipality highlights the redevelopment of Estrada do Moinho da Palmeira, which will include the construction of a new bike path (404.400 euros) and the redevelopment of Praça Ferreira de Almeida and the adjacent streets, budgeted at around 500 euros. will follow the redevelopment of Largo do Pé da Cruz, which is already underway.

For parishes, highlights the Chamber of Faro, "this revision also means a significant investment". For the parishes of Santa Bárbara de Nexe and Conceição and Estoi, more than one million euros are earmarked.

Examples of works advancing the recovery of the Estrada do Outeiro, between the Caliços site and the Conceição de Faro, in an investment of 440.000 euros, the repair of Estrada da Espargueira (201.000 euros) and Rua de Loulé, in Santa Bárbara de Nexe (total investment of 246.000 euros).

In Montenegro, the most significant work to be launched as part of this review is the redevelopment of Rua Dr. Egas Moniz, «crucial artery of the parish that will be fully renovated after the completion of the work on the Bento de Jesus Caraça Street (587 thousand euros), which began in these days».

The redevelopment of Rua Dr. Egas Moniz will cost the Municipality 781 thousand euros.

Rua Júlio Dinis has already completed the architectural project and specialties and will receive works, as well as Rua do Parque Infantil and the garden of Urbanização do Monte Branco, in Gambelas.

The Chamber of Faro he adds that "it has also set aside a significant amount (356.180 euros) to launch the competition for the purchase of shared bicycles and for the remodeling of our playgrounds."

The budget review also included funds “for the refurbishment and acquisition of facilities (642.607 euros), acquisition of vehicles for services (131.870 euros) and the requalification of public spaces within the scope of climate actions (180.000 euros) and for the Participatory Budget that advances to its second edition with substantially higher values».

Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, is pleased with the approval, at a Chamber meeting, of the additional funds, "which will help us to face the health crisis and face the difficult times that, from a socio-economic point of view, are coming for our population."

In this measure, Rogério Bacalhau does not reject the possibility of a new reinforcement in the near future to support the economy, if circumstances demand it, "although this is the Government's responsibility", he stresses.

However, the mayor warns of the need to carry out a rigorous management "as before", taking into account "the current situation, marked by great uncertainty."

The first revision of the 2021 municipal budget now goes to vote in the Municipal Assembly.