Men suspected of robbery, kidnapping and arson in Olhão

Men were arrested by the PJ in Loulé


Two men belonging to a group suspected of being responsible for crimes of robbery with a weapon, kidnapping and arson, committed in the municipality of Olhão in early February, were arrested by the Judiciary Police in Loulé.

Yesterday, Thursday, early in the morning, the PJ, through the Southern Directorate, located the men and detained them, complying with an arrest warrant.

This operation, carried out in the municipality of loulé resulted from an investigation, supervised by the 2nd Section of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Faro.

The investigation will continue “with a view to identifying and locating the remaining suspects, as well as establishing their possible relationship with other similar crimes recently committed in the Loulé area”.

The detainees will be present at the first Judicial interrogation to find out what coercive measures will be applied to them.