Covid-19: Supermarkets May Go Back to Selling Textbooks and School Supplies

Bookstores remain closed

Establishments that remain open, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, will be able to sell books and school supplies again, maintaining the ban on selling other non-essential goods, such as clothes and shoes, announced this Thursday, 11 February , Prime Minister António Costa.

The announcement was made at the press conference at Palácio da Ajuda, in Lisbon, after the Council of Ministers that approved the decree that regulates the state of emergency in force until March 1st and that maintains the current restrictions.

António Costa explained that “the rule is to keep everything exactly as it is” and therefore the sale of non-essential goods, such as clothes or books, with the exception of books and school supplies, is prohibited.

"The only exception is the one resulting from the decree of the President of the Republic, which forbade us to prohibit the sale of books and school material in establishments that remain open, that is, in supermarkets and hypermarkets," said the prime minister.

“This is the only exception because we have to respect the limitations imposed by the presidential decree”, reinforced António Costa.

In the statement of the Council of Ministers it can be read that. «in view of the decree of the President of the Republic, the sale of books and school materials is now allowed in retail establishments that are already in operation».

Products such as furniture, decoration, home textiles, games and toys, sporting goods, camping and travel, and clothing, footwear and fashion accessories remain unsold.