Left Block asks the Government to keep the 365 Algarve

At this moment there is still no official decision on the continuation of the cultural entertainment program in the Algarve during the low season

The Left Block considers “it is essential to maintain the 365 Algarve Programme, even if it is the object of some reformulation”, and presented a proposal to the Assembly of the Republic, suggesting to the Government “the maintenance and reinforcement of the 365 Algarve Programme”.

This Draft Resolution is presented at a time when it is still unknown whether the program will continue, after an atypical edition, in 2019/20, due to the pandemic, which forced the postponement, reformulation and even cancellation of many initiatives.

“At the beginning of the current winter season and when the pandemic was far from worsening, government entities were conspicuous in relation to the continuity of the 365 Algarve Programme, causing great apprehension among cultural agents in the region”, illustrated BE.

The fear “is that the Program will end, with nothing to replace it, and not even an official assessment and decision by the political leaders”.

«Many hours were spent planning and putting into practice the projects, writing reports, filling out surveys, leading to a cultural dynamic in all the Algarve's municipalities outside the off-season of tourist activity. It will be very negative for the region if everything goes down the drain. And it will be very harmful to a type of culture produced in the region by artists and groups that live here and work. The continuity of this project allows the achievement of the constitutional right to cultural enjoyment and creation», added the same party.

For the Bloquists, «the Algarve cannot be just tourism and, in particular, in high season. Its activities must be diversified and cultural dynamism during the winter will be an important factor in breaking seasonality. It is also a fact that culture is a vehicle of economic dynamism for tourism agents, restaurants and hotels».

And the last edition of the event is a good example of this. Even «in an atypical year», the 365Algarve events «attracted many national and foreign citizens in many parts of the Algarve and outside the peak season of tourist activity».

«The maintenance and reinforcement of the 365 Algarve Program is even more justified as this region is one of the most affected by the serious social and economic crisis and with a tendency to worsen even more, and where culture is one of the activities that are heavily affected». completed the Left Block.