Library of Lagoa reactivas book loan

Access to this service is now available in two formats: takeaway and home delivery

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The Lagoa Library will reactivate the loan service for books, CDs and DVDs, starting next Monday, February 22nd. Books can be collected from the library, but they can also be delivered to your home.

In a press release, the municipality of Lagos explains that the «decision to reactivate the loan of books comes as a result of the risk of contagion having dropped to a moderate level in the municipality».

Access to this service is now available in two formats: takeaway and home delivery, in any case, between 10:00 and 12:30 and 14:00 and 17:00.

The loan application must always be made through the telephone number 282 380 436, or by e-mail – The rule is valid for those who are going to order directly from the Library, but also for those who ask to receive the service at home.

In either mode, the reader must have previously chosen the list of books he wants, indicating the titles and the respective authors.

For this you can consult the available Library Catalog here or ask the service employee for collaboration and suggestions via telephone. Each user must also indicate their Reader Card number or full name, and may request, at any one time, up to five books and three DVDs.

In the current context of exceptional care for public health, it is necessary to schedule the day and time for the delivery of books, either at home or at the Library's premises.

In the latter case, the door will be opened by the employee to pick up the order, avoiding physical contact.

Returns must be made at the place marked “Return of Books / Book Return”, located to the left of the main door of the Lagoa Library building.