Albufeira wants to perpetuate local testimonies about the Covid-19 pandemic

Project “Stories and Memories Pandemic 20-21” launches the challenge to Albufeires

Pau da Bandeira, Albufeira, Summer 2020 – Photo: Albufeira Municipal Archive

The Albufeira Municipal Archive is challenging the inhabitants of Albufeira to send their testimonies about the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to constitute a memory for the future. It is the project “Stories and Memories Pandemic 20-21”.

What the project is looking for are testimonies about human, work, daily losses in terms of mobility and others, about how they overcame confinement, the diary, how Christmas was, the domestic or work environment. Testimonials can be written, accompanied or not by photographs, video recordings, sound recordings, drawings or other forms.

“Through this project we are going to guarantee that History will not erase the events of 2020-2021 in Albufeira”, says Ana Pífaro, Councilor for Culture.

“The memory of the inhabitants of Albufeira about the pandemic must be recorded, so as not to let the collective, individual and family anguishes, uncertainties and hopes that this community felt and feels throughout these strange days are forgotten”, he adds. .

“We realized that the records that are being made are mostly on social networks, ephemeral spaces and hardly places of memory”, adds the official.

Participating in this project is easy: just access and fill in the fields on the form.

This project has no deadline for receiving testimonies about this great pandemic of the XNUMXst century in Albufeira.

In 2020, UNESCO and ICOM – International Council of Museums recommended that museums and historical archives promote the collection of testimonies for future memory, representing the impact of Covid-19 on the daily lives of different communities. That's precisely what this project is doing in Albufeira.

O Albufeira Municipal Archive has part of its collection online, being possible to consult the records of several important moments in the history of Albufeira, making available for consultation official documents, photographs, press clippings, correspondence and other records.





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