AHRESP wants the Resilience Plan to take into account projects that benefit tourism

Recovery and Resilience Plan is under public consultation

Elisabete Rodrigues|File Photo

The Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Services of Portugal (AHRESP) wants the Government to take into account, in the Recovery and Resilience Plan, «projects that benefit the important national tourism sector».

In the association's daily bulletin, AHRESP highlights that «HOTREC, the European federation that brings together the catering and hotel associations at a European level, considers that the recovery and resilience plans are an unprecedented opportunity to support reform and to help the sector in green and digital transition, thus enhancing their economic and social resilience'.

The European Tourism Manifesto, an alliance for Tourism to which HOTREC and several other entities belong, such as European business and union confederations, has already shown "its pleasure at the fact that several countries have made specific mention of investments in the area of ​​tourism", in its plans.

This alliance therefore calls “all other Member States to follow the same line of investment in services and infrastructure directly related to tourism”.

"A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises depend on these sectors and, with sufficient support, they can help to recover jobs and the economy faster than any other sector," says the European Tourism Manifesto.

According to AHRESP, “to help member states prepare their plans, the alliance has prepared a paper detailed with a list of ideas for reforms and investments that can contribute to tourism helping companies become more resilient”.

AHRESP “reinforces the appeal of the European Tourism Manifesto and, taking into account that the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) is already under public consultation, calls on the Portuguese Government to take into account the projects that benefit the important national tourism sector ».