Proposal for a Detailed Plan by Paul de Lagos approved by the Chamber

Câmara de Lagos says that the "structuring principles" were maintained, namely the "conservationist" and the "cultural identity"

The Municipality of Lagos approved the proposal for the Detailed Plan of Paul de Lagos, «considered as an area with very peculiar natural characteristics and important for the conservation of nature in the local and regional context».

According to the Lacobrigense local authority, the 3rd phase «the structuring principles» underlying all the work of elaborating the Detailed Plan, namely the «conservationist (restoration of the primordial functions of space as a guarantee of sustainability of the present biological and physical processes) and cultural identity (space identity)».

The «goals to be achieved» are also maintained, aiming at «the preservation and enhancement of the territory, the increase in biodiversity, the compartmentalization and regulation of uses, environmental and heritage awareness and the development of ecotourism».

"The document stipulates the classification of the soil (agricultural, forestry, natural and landscape, equipment and infrastructure), differentiating main uses and complementary uses, defining the permission or not of urban operations and respective construction indexes and recommending different areas and management measures , given the sensitivity of the territory, the various systems involved and the regulation of the identified cultural heritage», describes the City of Lagos.

The plan also proposes "seven specific intervention projects, to be carried out within a 10-year timeframe, starting in 2022, representing an estimated global investment value of around 16,5 million euros."

«The most expensive project (in the order of 8,4 million euros) will be the “Plan for the Eradication of Invasive Alien Species”, given its difficulty and slow implementation, followed by the creation of the “Paul de Lagos Environmental Park "project to be developed in an area of ​​approximately 24,4 hectares, but which is conditioned by the relocation of equipment such as the Municipal Aerodrome and the Shooting Range," added the municipality.

The “Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of the Ribeira de Bensafrim”, the “Creation and design of a logo and signage” and the creation of an “Interpretation Path of the Paul de Lagos” are the three projects that should move forward first, “since its achievement is seen as a priority in view of the Plan's objectives».

The Plan Proposal approved by the municipal executive will now be sent to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, for the purposes of a Procedural Conference.

The elaboration of the Detailed Plan of Paul de Lagos is one of the actions foreseen in the Municipal Council's candidacy for the CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Program, which was approved and contracted, having a total cost of €159 875,40, an eligible amount of €143 885,40 .60 € and a co-financing rate of XNUMX% by the ERDF.