Sagres Fishing Port to have LED lighting

Work costs 34 thousand euros

Docapesca awarded the installation of LED public lighting to improve the energy efficiency of the Fishing Port of Sagres. 

The investment of 34 thousand euros involves «the assembly of 56 luminaires that will reduce the installed power by 60%», says Docapesca.

The work foresees the replacement of 42 globe-type luminaires and 14 projectors of the 20-meter lighting towers, leaving all elements with protection against birds.

As a whole, the existing equipment has a power of 16.800 watts, and the intervention is expected to ensure a reduction to 6.661 watts (60% less).

So far, Docapesca has already implemented projects to improve energy efficiency, with the conversion of public lighting to LED, in several fishing ports managed by the company, which resulted in a 49% reduction in installed power.