Hellyx Exhibits “Transcendence and Transformation” at EMARP

Hellyx was born in Germany and is self-taught

The exhibition “Transcendência e Transformação” (Transcendence and Transformation), by the painter Hellyx, runs until 12 February, between 8:30 am and 17:30 pm, in the headquarters of EMARP – Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão.

Hellyx was born in Germany, in 1971, is «a sailor, artist, survivor and self-taught».

She started painting in 2019, «influenced by nature, by her soul, by her dreams and visions», explains EMARP, who emphasizes that the artist's inspiration «to paint comes to her spontaneously and likes to use different techniques and materials».

Its objective is, according to the municipal company, «to help people, wherever and however you can, wanting them to understand that art is a way of healing the being».


«Art is the true and profound expression of my soul. I create art as a way to heal myself and I see art as a way to establish a colorful bridge between my inner self and the outside world», is the artist's motto.