There are 45 unfilled job openings in the fight against Covid-19

There is great demand for home helpers and nurses across the country.

There are 45 job openings unfilled in the health area, announced today by Timing, a human resources company based in the Algarve.

The company has seen its healthcare recruitment department gain more value since the beginning of the pandemic. "It is important not to let our National Health Service falter and, therefore, we already have our collaborators working in the Algarve and Lisbon, in order to support and overcome health teams already in action", said Eva Quitério, coordinator of Timing's Human Resources.

One of the focuses has been the group at greatest risk – the elderly and, consequently, residential structures for the elderly – which have also been the most affected.

“We believe that we should privilege the allocation of professionals dedicated to the provision of care for these patients. It's important that we don't leave the elderly population so vulnerable. And we have received urgent requests, almost every week», added Andreia Pereira, who has been leading some recruitment processes in this company.

«Time is pressing and, therefore, Timing follows the need to search for health professionals, with quick and efficient answers. Today, we are separated, more together than ever!», commented Eva Quitério.

The vacancies are predominantly for home helpers and nurses, for different parts of the country, added Timing in a press release.

To apply, you must send your resume to [email protected] or through the website .