The lack of credibility in Justice and Security

We deserve to have serious people and trustworthy institutions in our places.

Before what we witness, we have two attitudes: either we resign and remain silent or we raise our voice and rebel. I understand not to shut up.

When we pay taxes (and they have increased a lot in recent years), we are feeding the essential functions of the State (Health, Education, Justice, Armed Forces and Homeland Security).

Therefore, we have the right to demand that our money be invested in systems and people that solve problems well, that give us comfort and confidence in the administration of the public good.

It was no longer enough to have thousands of graduated soldiers without doing anything useful, but living at the expense of those who work. Now, the cases that have been made public in recent weeks are very serious and, in a more serious rule of law, they would have already done andar some incompetents around us.

For much less, in the past, some Ministers have been (and well) put on their feet. It's the only way to separate the wheat from the chaff and preserve the institutions. Otherwise, we no longer believe in the system itself.

The more advanced in age remember a minister who, almost 30 years ago, recounted an anecdote about aluminum in the waters of the Évora network, or another who made a horn gesture in the Assembly of the Republic. And they remember a quasi-Secretary of State who was going to climb the steps of the Ajuda Palace to take office, but, a few words on the radio minutes before, they made him go down the stairs without taking office.

Now, we have complete shame in the attitude of such a Minister Cabrita regarding the death of a citizen of Ukraine at the hands of his SEF officials, and the one who gives lessons in ethics and dignity is the poor widow. All public opinion, even the socialist family, repudiates you and you, from the height of your clear arrogance and incompetence, are there.

But, in addition to this, we have the antics of the GNR and the PSP around the van of vaccines and, in view of this, the said Minister orders inquiries into a matter that should be resolved with a simple phone call. Apparently, the Lord doesn't know how to follow up on vaccines either. After all, are you Minister for what? What a misery of attitude.

In addition to this already being sad and revolting, we also have the Mafia attitude of the Minister of Justice with the curriculum of such a prosecutor in Brussels by the Government's freight. An unbelievable shame.

If a primary school child is taught not to lie and to be honest on exams, what about this minister and this justice system? The lady started by saying that she didn't comment because it was a private subject, then came to say that it was a lapse in the services. The lapses are mere forgettings or exchanges of words. That's not what happened.

There was, yes, an intentional fraud for the Government to press on the alteration of the rules of a contest. It's not a matter of services. It is not the services that exert political pressure on Brussels, it is the government, as was the case.

And the said Mr Prosecutor, who should be ashamed of the deceit and walk away, remains in place as a specialist in combating fraud. A sadness for any Portuguese to feel, in Brussels, that, for such a lie, this artist is in office and not the suitable person chosen by the jury.

In these and so many other similar circumstances, which, to a greater or lesser degree, will come to the fore (the SEF will still give much more), how can one trust such rulers? How can you trust justice, when its agents are the perpetrators of such a scam? Let us remember the recent cases of Judge Rangel and the mishaps of the Lisbon Court…

Justice is done by corporate organizations, closed, full of lobbies and secret societies, with shady interests. Instead of having a Government capable of reforming and giving credibility to institutions, it feeds fraud and convenience decisions with sentences bought and people put in place for mere low-policy freights.

Whoever pays taxes honestly cannot remain silent in the face of this. We deserve to have serious people and trustworthy institutions in our places.


Author José Macário Correia, farmer