Covid-19, Miguel Oliveira and Pope among the most talked about on Facebook and Instagram in 2020

"The moments that marked Facebook in Portugal, in 2020, reflect a challenging but inspiring year in the way communities have remained united"

Covid-19, pilot Miguel Oliveira and Pope Francisco were some of the most talked about topics on social networks Facebook and Instagram in 2020, announced today the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

According to “Facebook: Year in Review”, the most talked about themes this year in Portugal are divided into categories: covid-19, icons, pop culture, community and faith.

With regard to covid-19, “in extraordinary circumstances, communities found ways to stay connected and talk about the various issues surrounding the pandemic”, says the social network.

Among the most discussed topics in this area, we highlight March 11, when the World Health Organization declared covid-19 a pandemic, the death of Chilean writer Luís Sepúlveda, on April 16, aged 70, in Spain, as a result of the illness, or for Freedom Day, 25th of April, when a national challenge is made, without leaving the house: “instead of going down Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, the Portuguese went to the window to sing Grândola , Vila Morena, music composed by Zeca Afonso”.

With regard to icons, Facebook and Instagram users came together to honor figures who have had a significant impact around the world.

Among them, there is the Italian composer and conductor Ennio Morricone who died at the age of 91, after complications from a fall, Kenny Rogers, popular music figure country and voice of pop hits such as the romantic ballad “We've got tonight” with Sheena Easton, who died on March 21, of natural causes, aged 81.

Already in pop culture, the highlight goes to the Portuguese motorcyclist Miguel Oliveira, who won his first Moto GP race on August 23, in Austria and the World Day of the Portuguese Language, which is celebrated on May 05 and “in 2020 was celebrated for the first once, after having been proclaimed by the 40th General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in November 2019”.

Regarding the “community and faith” category, according to the social network, people used social media to keep the community together. On April 05, Pope Francis began Holy Week with a liturgical celebration without the presence of the faithful.

The social network also highlights fundraising by causes.

“The fundraisers that received the most support from users in Portugal were as follows, in order: IRA – Intervention and Animal Rescue; Operation Red Nose; East Algarve Families in Need; CASA – Support Center for the Homeless”, says the social network.

“Facebook is where people connect to the topics that interest them the most and talk about what is happening around the world, including music, entertainment or the great victories of national sporting figures, but also difficult issues facing the world today. ”, advances the social network.

“The moments that marked Facebook in Portugal, in 2020, reflect a challenging but inspiring year in the way communities remained united”, he concludes.