Covid-19: Mar 2020 has already paid more than 5 million euros in compensation to fishing activities

Requests for support started in May and ended last Tuesday, with 901 applications from the Mainland and the Azores

The operational program Mar 2020 has already paid more than five million euros in compensation, namely, for the temporary cessation of fishing activities, in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, was announced today.

"The final beneficiaries have already been paid 5,17 million euros", reads a note published on the program's website.

These requests for support began in May and ended last Tuesday with 901 applications from the Mainland and the Azores.

The decision process is underway, but 522 candidacies have already been approved, «involving more than 1.500 crew members», with public support of 6,2 million euros.

The periods, during the period of stoppage of the vessel, are equivalent to the national minimum wage for fishermen and, in the case of shipowners, correspond to 80% of the income from the fishing activity in the previous calendar year.

The operational program Mar 2020, which is part of Portugal 2020, aims to implement the support measures included in the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (FEAMP), with the promotion of competitiveness and economic sustainability among its priorities, environmental and social cohesion, as well as increasing territorial cohesion.

This program has a global allocation of 508 million euros, of which 116 million euros correspond to the national public contribution, which originates in the State Budget.