neighbors of Faro take community theater play to Teatro das Figuras

Play goes to the scene on Friday

A group of neighbors from Faro they will present the community theater play “Sai da Frente” at Teatro das Figuras, on Friday, the 6th, at 21 pm.

This show, staged by JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro, «is a theatrical celebration, which tells, through a critical and poetic vision, the daily life of an Algarve community that is unable to reach the beach on any summer day », according to Teatro das Figuras.

On stage will be Anabela, Ana Lúcia, Ana Paula, Carlos, Carol, Catarina, Dulce, Elsa, Graça, Hélia, Ilda, Ilídio, Ivo, Joana, José, Lara, Laura, Mariana, Maryse, Natércia, Noélia, Rodrigo, Sonia, Vanda, Vanessa, Vânia and Vivi, citizens of Faro that the taste for the theater joined.

The direction and staging is in charge of Miguel Martins Pessoa.

«This is a project that arises from an invitation from Teatro das Figuras to Colectivo JAT, to set up a community theater show with neighbors and neighbors from Faro. After four months of rehearsals, many debates, ideas, songs, improvisations and a pandemic in between, which forced us to change the molds of this project, the brave and brave neighbors will finally take to the stage, who have given us so much joy in these months." describes the Theater of Figures.

The Faro cultural structure addresses «a special word of thanks to Edith Scher, director of the Argentine community theater group, Matemurga, for her support and vision, which inspired this project since its inception, with the hope that in the near future we will join Faro and Buenos Aires».