Not even the pandemic prevents the Festival do Contraband from trafficking arts in the Guadiana

Festival do Contraband will take place, albeit in a very different format and with a strong virtual component

It will not have the floating bridge that has already attracted tens of thousands of people to the Festival of Contraband, nor even the already famous craft fair and street entertainment. Even so, the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by it will not prevent Alcoutim and Sanlúcar from continuing the “Trafico de Artes no Guadiana”, between the 10th and 15th of November, in a version with a strong online component.

"We didn't want to let the Smuggling Festival go unnoticed and we decided to go ahead with a more virtual action, not putting anyone at risk," he explained to Sul Informação Osvaldo Gonçalves, President of the Chamber of Alcoutim.

Among the planned activities are «the inauguration of a set of tile panels, with phrases alluding to the festival», as well as the installation of «a sculpture of an otter» by the river, where they will be «visible, forever».

The choice of this animal to be, from now on, associated with the Festival of Contraband – “Trafico de Artes no Guadiana” is not innocent.

“The otter refers to the furtive element of smugglers. In addition, it is an endemic species, which has its habitat on the River Guadiana», referred the aedile alcoutenejo.



The idea, stressed Osvaldo Gonçalves, is not to attract people to Alcoutim, on the contrary.

«Despite the media coverage that the Festival of Contraband achieved and cost us a lot, we do not want people to come here, but rather for them to watch from a distance. Hence this strong commitment to digital media», he explained, in statements to Sul Informação.

After all, the elements that will be inaugurated are here to stay and anyone can visit them, after November 15th. "I hope that, in the future, these elements will be an attraction for people who visit us and who can take photos there, as a souvenir."

Moreover, the festival's complete program, which will be announced “soon”, includes “documentaries, films, art, installations, astronomy and physical theater”, according to the festival's organizers, an event with the seal of 365Algarve.

«Doing justice to the 365Algarve program and the Traffic of Arts in Guadiana, in this 4th Edition we will give way to a space of creativity, expression and artistic creation, with the execution of works of art by local, national and international artists, which they will leave in the landscape its brand, in line with and in tune with the territory and with the festival's themes, so that the visitor can enjoy its works throughout the year, and during the scheduled dates, it will be possible to follow the scheduled actions on the event's Facebook », summarized the Chamber of Alcoutim.

"Assuming that the identity of a territory must be valued, and through this need a simple but special program was created, artistically rich and diverse, through the creation and interpretation of guest public art artists, with face-to-face and participatory access for some, in particular for the communities of Alcoutim and Sanlúcar de Guadiana, and open to all, in digital format», reinforced the municipality.

Thus, and for those who do not belong to the small communities of the two towns that face each other, separated by the Guadiana border, they can attend the programmed events “with total security”, in a virtual way.



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