Loulé has two million to bring the “digital age” to the interior of the county

The Chamber's digital program aims to guarantee 98% mobile Internet coverage in the Barrocal and Serra

Loulé City Council will invest more than 2 million euros in a digital program in inland parishes to help better protect the forest, but also to guarantee voice and mobile broadband network coverage in «98% of the extensive territory of the region. mountains and the barrocal of the county».

The Loulé municipal executive will open a public tender to "contract services for the implementation of a digital program within the municipality".

«The defined program includes solutions and equipment that will help the population in case of need, protect the forest and environmental ecosystem, as well as increase the attractiveness of the territory. With the installation of these solutions, conditions will also be created so that 98% of the extensive territory of the mountain range and barrocal in the municipality of Loulé has mobile voice and data network coverage», described the City Council of Loulé.

Those responsible for the municipality stress the program's "great reach", "insofar as it aims at digital inclusion, as well as the revitalization of an entire geographic area that needs urgent and effective responses".

These solutions will reach the parishes of Alte, Ameixial, Salir and União de parishes Querença, Tôr and Benafim, territories of the barrocal and mountain ranges marked “by the aging of the population and the scarcity of population, as a result of the migratory movements of young people to the coast of the county ».

One of the features of the tool that will be implemented, «and that will be of great relevance for the vast majority of inhabitants who live isolated in dispersed places, is the monitoring and assistance to the elderly population, through GPS location solutions, fall detection, monitoring vital signs and provision of assistance communications to the population”.

«On the other hand, this program also aims to provide better conditions for learning and personal development for the young resident population and, at the same time, contribute to attracting more young people to the interior of the municipality, by providing computer material and Internet access for young people in these areas. parishes, with the provision of mobile broadband», reinforces the municipality.

Along the way, the Loulé Council will invest in the «protection of the forest and the environmental ecosystem», through «the capture of images and video, the detection of thermal, noise and movement changes, monitoring of local meteorological variables, location of resources, resources and alarmist. The monitoring of fires that, over the years, have ravaged the vast forest area of ​​Serra do Caldeirão will be equally important in this context».

"Another of the features of this service aims to contribute to the promotion and development of tourism within the county through the provision of itineraries, digital guides and augmented reality stories to stimulate, learn and interact with visitors within the county," added the Chamber of Loule.

Also within the area of ​​tourism, «the platform will contemplate the monitoring and location of tourist activity, for the purpose of understanding the affluence, trends and marketing effects».

The municipality of Loulé will acquire some equipment, as part of the program now launched, namely «three weather stations to complement the three currently operating in the municipality, as well as various software, specifically a mobile application and associated contents for promoting tourism».

«The solutions to be hired, together, aim to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, attract inhabitants and businesses to the interior and promote employment», summarized the City Council of Loulé.