Loulé launches a 5 million public tender for the construction of the University Health Center

This is an investment of around 5 million euros

The Chamber of Loulé approved, this Wednesday, November 18, the launch of the public tender of a building that will group the Lauroé Family Health Unit, the Loulé Community Health Care Unit, foreseeing also the creation of a University Health Center.

«This is another important phase in what is a process that has been conducted through a partnership between the Municipality of Loulé and ARS – Regional Health Administration, allowing to increase the responses of the National Health Service in this territory» , says the Chamber of Loulé.

This is an investment of around 5 million euros, with the two entities sharing the funding: 65% from the municipality and 35% from the central administration. The expected execution period is two and a half years.

The building will be located next to the Loulé Health Center facilities, bringing together in a single space four different areas: the Central Health Center Group – ACES Central, Family Health Unit (USF) – Lauroé and the Care Unit in Community (UCC) – People of Loulé, as well as the University Health Center.

«The launch of this competition is another decisive step for us to be able to create an infrastructure that responds, in a more efficient and speedy way, to the needs of the population of the municipality of Loulé and this area of ​​the central Algarve in terms of healthcare. This investment is yet another contribution to strengthening our National Health Service», emphasizes Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé.