Elderly person from the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos home dies victim of Covid-19

Outbreak that hit two home users is «under control»

An 84-year-old elderly man, a user of the Nursing Home at Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lagos, is the most recent fatal victim of Covid-19 in the Algarve. This death was accounted for by DGS this Sunday.

According to the Sul Informação along with a source from the Regional Health Authority, this man was admitted to the Hospital de Portimão.

Hugo Pereira, mayor of Lagos, told the Sul Informação that this was one of two elderly people from the Lar da Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lagos who contracted Covid-19.

“This is an outbreak that started about three weeks ago and is currently under control. It originated in a snack bar and, in the first phase, one of the employees at the home, who used to frequent this space, became infected. Then, the two cases arose between the users», explained the mayor.

With regard to the elderly person who died, Hugo Pereira revealed that “initially he was fine, but his condition worsened in recent days and he ended up being hospitalized”.

According to data provided to our newspaper by the Regional Health Authority, this outbreak is responsible, in total, for 24 positive cases for Covid-19, seven of which in the home, among employees and users.

On its Facebook page, the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos had recalled, on 20 November, that its team «with more than 350 valuable elements» had already been tested «preventively several times, in some cases, there are already 5 the routine tests carried out (under the COVID-19 Screening Protocol for the Human Resources of Residential Structures for Elderly People with a number of users over 50, workers at Lar Rainha D. Leonor, Lar José Filipe Fialho and Residências Maria Francisca Fialho, they are being tested every 3 weeks, since the 3th of October 11)».

At the beginning of last week, testing was carried out on «all users of Lar Rainha D. Leonor, Lar José Filipe Fialho and Residências Maria Francisca Fialho, as well as all workers who daily provide services at Lar Rainha D. Leonor».

These tests detected “6 positive cases of infection by COVID-19 in Lar Rainha D. Leonor, namely: 2 users and 4 workers (of these workers, 2 do not provide direct care to users)”, added the statement from the Misericórdia de Lagos.

"All the other users and employees of the institution tested had a negative result (216 users and 96 employees)".

Following the analyses, "all workers with suspected close contact with positive cases were promptly placed in prophylactic isolation, regardless of having undergone a test and obtained a negative result," the note signed by the provider also added.

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