AMAL promoted training for forest sappers

For next year, another similar course is planned.

AMAL-Community Intermunicipal do Algarve promoted training on “Safe driving and operation with the tractor” for 14 forest sappers from this intermunicipal community (Silves and Portimão), which took place in São Marcos da Serra.

For next year, another similar course and two more training courses on “Agricultural tractors adapted to forestry work – constitution, operation and maintenance” are planned.

The CILIFO project – Iberian Center for Investigation and Fight against Forest Fires, in which this training was inserted, wants to strengthen and promote cooperation, work procedures and training between the Devices for the Prevention and Extinguishment of Forest Fires within the cooperation area of the Euro Region Alentejo – Algarve – Andalusia.

In addition, it also wants to promote the creation of lasting and quality employment in the project's area of ​​influence, reduce the economic cost of fires, fostering the rural economy linked to the landscape and improve the response capacity of the entities and authorities involved in the forest fires. combating them in the three participating regions.

The project has a duration of three years (until December 12, 2021) and has a total budget of 24,6 million euros, of which 75% is financed by the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Program – Interreg POCTEP ( 2014-2020).