Aljezur and Monchique will hear “5 Fables for not falling asleep”

This is a piece «with a lot of humor, but it won't have words»

Photo: Plowing the Sea

They will be “5 Fables so as not to fall asleep” and to speak to children of “capital sins”. The last show of this season of Lavrar o Mar has its first session scheduled for this Friday, November 6th, starting at 18:30 pm, at the headquarters of Rancho Folclórico do Rogil, in Aljezur. 

This will be a puppet show, in charge of a company that is Belgian and Portuguese – Caótica.

Ao Sul Informação, Madalena Victorino, one of the programmers of Lavrar o Mar, who is part of 365Algarve, explained that the director will be Caroline Bergeron, an “artist with a work on the theater of objects and puppets that excites us a lot”.

“5 Fables not to fall asleep” is “a spectacle to talk about the deadly sins”. It is aimed at both children and adults, but the idea is, above all, “that children see the addictions of adults with humor and intelligence”.

This is a piece "with a lot of humor, but it won't have words". The challenge is "to talk about what sins are like laziness or gluttony to the little ones, with the eyes of adults," said Madalena Victorino.


Photo: Plowing the Sea


Because, as explained by the cultural programmer, director Caroline Bergeron "likes to look at children as people and not so much as boys to whom it is necessary to give a childlike view of the world."

“She works on themes that are sometimes quite hard and touching that children also experience, such as death, loneliness or illness,” he concludes.

This play has sessions at the headquarters of the Rancho Folclórico do Rogil, this Friday at 18:30 pm, Saturday, the 7th at 16:00 pm, and Sunday, the 8th, at 16:00 pm and 17:30 pm.

Then, in the next week, “5 Fables for not falling asleep” heads to the Casa do Povo of Alferce (Monchique), with shows on November 13, at 10 am and 30 pm (for schools), and on the 14th and 00th, at 14:15 pm

Tickets cost 3 euros and can be purchased here