The relevance of the Digital Marketing course in the current context – Master D Opinions

"Anyone who is not seen in the digital medium will not be remembered"

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During a Digital Marketing Course, the proverb that says “who is not seen is not remembered” takes on new meanings.

After all, this maxim increasingly guides companies that realize the importance of investing in marketing to gain more visibility.

To achieve this goal, many develop marketing strategies that integrate actions offline e online to reach your audience over the internet and through analogue means.

However, this year we were challenged to bring our daily activities to the digital medium, while face-to-face meetings were reduced.

Faced with this change, many companies had to close their doors and were forced to discover new ways to monetize and overcome the crisis.

In this sense, anyone who is not seen in the digital environment will not be remembered. Therefore, investment in digital marketing is no longer a differential, but an urgency.

According to GroupM, digital marketing is expected to retain more than half of global advertising investment for 2020 – around 472 billion euros.

According to Smart Hint, between 2014 and 2021, there will be a 265% growth in sales through ecommerce worldwide, reaching $4.9 billion.

In other words, the numbers are inviting and it may be that many are tempted to join this sector even without prior training.

However, start the Master D Digital Marketing Course can make a difference, both for those already working in the field and for beginners.


Advantages of taking a Digital Marketing Course


The main advantage of starting training in this area is being able to choose between an online or blended course.

At Master D Portugal, both modalities have the Campus Master D which allows trainees to study at their own pace and learn from a tutor.

And in the trainees' opinion, there are many more advantages to starting a Digital Marketing Course with Master D, like the ones listed below:

  • Know how to define, coordinate, implement and monitor marketing strategies;
  • Learn the features of advertising tools like Google Ads and the Facebook Ads;
  • Develop SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization) and without (Search Engine Marketing).

In addition, you can also have contact with professionals in the field and build a network that will open doors for the future.

Not to mention the possibility of getting an internship or a job with partner companies that are ready to help you build your professional profile.

After all, the reality of telecommuting and investments in digital marketing is here to stay!

Starting a training in digital marketing not only makes sense for the current context, it also allows you to explore new perspectives for the future of this sector.

Discover the Master D Portugal Digital Marketing Course and all the advantages that this training can bring to your career!