UAlg is the university in the country with the highest percentage of foreign students

The total number of foreign students is expected to increase this school year

The University of Algarve continues to be the one with the highest percentage of foreign students, according to data released recently by the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC).

According to the Algarve academy, "the data available so far point to an increase in the total number of these students in 2020/21", even taking into account "the pandemic and the reduction in the recruitment of new students of foreign nationality compared to 2019/ 20'.

In the last academic year, there had already been an increase in the number of foreign students at UAlg. In 2018/19, there were 1724 students from other countries studying at the Algarve university, a number that rose to 1856, in 2019/20, "thereby a growth of 7,7%".

Of these 1856 foreign students, «374 (20,2%) are mobility students and 1482 (79,8%) are degree students, that is, they complete a complete cycle of studies (undergraduate, masters and doctorate) at UAlg », according to the university.

"The growth of students with a foreign nationality degree was 13,2% (1309 to 1482), while mobility students decreased by 9,9% (from 415 to 374)," he added.

The growth of Brazilian students with a degree was 20,8% (from 714 to 862). Brazilian students now represent 10,7% of the total, «continuing to be the highest among public Higher Education Institutions».

«UAlg thus integrates the group of three universities with a percentage of students with nationality degree from a non-Portuguese-speaking country above 5%, registering 6,0%, more than double the value for the set of public HEIs (2,8 %)”, concluded the University of Algarve.