Lagos: Levante Market has new coverage

Bensafrim, Odiáxere and Barão de São João markets also receive works

The Levante Market, in Lagos, which is undergoing refurbishment works, now has a new roof and «starts to gain a new look». The work started in June and is getting closer to completion.

This work, which will cost around 300 thousand euros, «will provide the space with better thermal comfort conditions for sellers and the public», intending to «promote its attractiveness and reinforce the role of the fruit and vegetable producers market in the local economy» , highlights the City of Lagos.

In addition to the work on the Mercado de Levante, the refurbishment of the external space of the Mercado de Bensafrim is also being carried out.

This project, which will cost around 23 thousand euros, "comes to materialize a winning proposal of the 2018 Participatory Budget to make more pleasant the frequency of this equipment, which is also a meeting point for the inhabitants of Vila de Bensafrim" .

The next markets to be rehabilitated will be those of Odiáxere and Barão de São João, and the Câmara de Lagos has already awarded the contract for the preparation of the execution projects.

«Giving the markets a more contemporary image and providing better sales conditions, in order to dynamize these important centers of food supply and social interaction of communities, are common objectives for all these interventions», concludes the Câmara de Lagos.