Forgotten Food Festival says goodbye with «Memory» in Querença

There will be a meal and gastronomic tour guided through the village

The Forgotten Food Festival comes to the end of its first edition on the 17th of October, with the event «Memória», in Querença.

"This festival, which has worked so hard on memories, wants to leave a last memory in its participants, which will be a final meal symbolizing the territories and food heritage of those who live in them", explains the organization.

In Querença, headquarters of the Festival organization, participants will have another day and a special meal, this time with three different menus to choose from, dedicated to each of the three great Algarve regions, so well represented in the municipality of Loulé: Serra, the Barrocal and the Coast.


In addition to the meal, the program will include a gastronomic tour guided through the village, to open all the senses to the richness of the Algarve's gastronomy, as well as diverse entertainment, with music, words and history linked to our cultural tradition.

The event was altered and adapted in order to respect all current DGS guidelines and guarantee the safety of participants and employees, while maintaining its identity and essence, linked to the celebration of Algarve traditions through unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

tickets are purchased online in advance, being all the participation rules available on the page of Festival Facebook.

The Forgotten Food Festival integrates, with outstanding merit, the cultural program 365 Algarve, an initiative of the Secretariats of State for Culture and Tourism, financed by Turismo de Portugal, and operated by the Algarve Tourism Region, by the Algarve Tourism Association and by the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.

The promoter of this Festival is Cooperativa QRER, an organization dedicated to the Development of Low Density Territories.


Promoting entity: Cooperative QRER
Tourist partner: Baroca Cultural and Touristic Products
Sponsorship: Municipality of Loulé, Municipality of Tavira, Vila Vita Parc, Proactivetur, Project TASA