365 Algarve reached «over 450 thousand people» in four years

This edition of 365 Algarve ends at the end of November

The cultural program of “365 Algarve” reached «more than 450 thousand people», in the four editions of the event that have already taken place, according to the organizers of the initiative.

At a time when the present edition of this cultural and tourist entertainment program for the Algarve region is coming to an end - and we don't and you know if there will be an edition in 2021 -, Turismo do Algarve, which promotes the event with the seal of the Secretariats of State of Tourism and Culture and financing of Turismo de Portugal, decided to take stock of how things have gone so far.

«Throughout these four editions, 365 Algarve has promoted tourism and culture during the low season throughout the Algarve region, involving cultural and tourist agents in the region and with the external evaluation of the University of Algarve», according to the “365 team Algarve”.

«In all, 1900 shows were presented, among many events in the interior of the region, outdoors and in contact with nature, which made the other Algarve known. 365 Algarve made it possible to discover and explore the Algarve's territory in peculiar, unique events, in unexpected and unconventional places, always in an intimate environment, providing great proximity and a real meeting between the public and the promoters and the public with each other. It is estimated that the total number of visitors to the 365 Algarve will reach, at the end of November, 455 thousand visitors, among which 93 thousand represent foreign visitors», they add.

Over the years, “365 Algarve” has sponsored the birth of several initiatives, which have become a reference.

Of these, the organizers point out, from the outset, «Jazz in the Cellars, which provided the public with a differentiating experience and contact with the Wines of Silves through a meeting with their producers and jazz music in concerts in unusual places, valuing thus all the material and immaterial heritage of this council».

Lavrar o Mar is also a reference event with the 365 seal and was responsible for the new circus, which livened up New Year's Eve nights in Monchique, and for the Medronho project, «which took the Theater to the mountains and to the region's distilleries and that after the fire of 2018 it kept alive the memory and the work in the field, promoting the relationship with the territory through the medronho culture and the family tradition».


Smuggling Festival – Photo: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação


The Festival of Contraband «that crossed the Guadiana River and, connecting Alcoutim to Sanlúcar through a floating bridge» and «revived the collective memory that that region had of Contraband in the late 30s and early 40s of the XNUMXth century and converted it in an arts trade with a street market, parades, theater, gastronomy and lots of entertainment", as well as the LUZA festival, "which lit up the skies and streets of Loulé, uniting the vast Algarve territory from the mountains to the sea", and the Algarve Jazz Gourmet Moments, «which combined true icons of world Jazz with gastronomic experiences in the restaurants in Lagos, Lagoa and Loulé», are other examples given.

To celebrate the end of its 4th edition, 365 Algarve «proposed several personalities with strong ties to the Algarve region to share a video testimony about “their” Algarve, a campaign that is running on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Youtube of the cultural programme'.

And the result was not long in making itself felt.

«The Algarve has several very strong cultural centers, I think there is now another Algarve. 365 Algarve was one of the drivers of the new Algarve, where culture has diversity[…], in today's Algarve there is room for everything and that makes me very happy», believes musician Mário Laginha.

«I think it's a fabulous initiative, because most people think of the Algarve during the bathing season and think that the Algarve is just a beach[…], the Algarve is much more than that. […] the 365 Algarve is a fabulous initiative for people to get to know another Algarve and get to know the various regions in a different way», illustrated, for her part, the actress Vitória Guerra.

The current edition of 365 Algarve runs until November 2020, after having provided the public with more than 400 cultural initiatives, spread throughout the region, among which «more than a hundred concerts, around 50 theater shows and around XNUMX actions related to the region's heritage, among other events».