Portimão “washes the face” and gives (even more) radical touch to the Youth Park

The last phase of the project will cost around 1,3 million euros

Portimão Youth Park «will have a fresh face and new life», announced the Portimão City Council, which proposes to spend around 1,3 million euros to «make the largest green space in the city more attractive».

The Portimão City Council has already approved the opening of a procedure for the second and final phase of the landscape renovation of the Parque da Juventude and the competition will soon be published in the Diário da República.

In the pipeline, there is "a profound intervention" with two main objectives: the requalification of the infrastructure itself and the creation of a radical sports park "that meets an old desire of the local community, especially of young people".

«Basically, Portimão Town Council aims to make the city's largest green space more attractive, creating better leisure conditions in an area of ​​more than 15.300 square meters, through the standardization of the entire structure, with renovation of its image», according to the municipality Portimonense.

Another objective of this intervention “is to make the Youth Park sustainable and socially inclusive”.



«In addition to creating new structures and improving existing ones, this intervention will create a connection between the south and north entrances of the Youth Park. In some places, raised walkways will be built, which may even reach the level of the treetops», describes the City Council of Portimão.

«The accessibility and mobility of the footpaths is another of the project's priorities, allowing anyone to walk around the park and use its equipment. In turn, the information panels and current signage will be replaced, as well as urban furniture and litter boxes,” he added.

The commitment to the socialization promotion component will involve «the creation of a picnic area, with the construction of a watchtower in the highest and central area, so that visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding green space. ».

As for the current lake, located at the entrance to the park, “it will be renaturalised, so water purification plants and a deck will be introduced”.

The car park will be expanded, visual obstacles on the outside that prevent a clear view of the entrance to the Youth Park will be eliminated.



On the way, the municipality will build "a radical park for all tastes", in the area perpendicular to Avenida S. Lourenço da Barrosa, "better known as the V6", in the same place "where there was a track for remote-controlled cars".

«The conceptual idea was based on the geographical translation of the coastal area of ​​Portimão, namely Praia da Rocha, without forgetting the interior of the county», which will make the different equipment for radical activities refer to «iconic elements» of the county, « such as the Fort of St. Catarina de Ribamar, the Miradouro and the Molhe/Pontão da Praia da Rocha».

«The structures, aimed at various age groups and with different degrees of difficulty, adapt to the morphology of the terrain and will provide the park's practitioners with the character of initiation, preparation and improvement. There will be numerous elements of street section, with obstacles and gaps full of challenges, for all tastes and athletic abilities», revealed the City Council of Portimão.

Also in this southern area of ​​the Youth Park, where originally there were wooden ramps, an uncovered multi-sport will be built, to be used as an informal playground.

The plan also includes the construction of a new kiosk in a semicircle, “with two terrace areas, one covered and the other glazed”.

The contract also provides for the installation of wifi antennas at various points in the Youth Park and the rehabilitation of the lighting network in the Parque Radical area and the creation of two playgrounds, «with equipment suitable for different age groups, reinforcing the existing offer, at present composed of a small space with swings».

"The older children will be able to play in the park located near the south entrance, while the fear of the little ones will be located near the north entrance," concluded the Portimão Council.

The Youth Park of Portimão, inaugurated in 1996, is located next to the Alto do Pacheco urbanization. About a year ago, the Chamber bet on the creation of a BMX Race track, within the scope of Portimão – European City of Sport 2019, which is «considered one of the best in the country».