Spanish woman rescued from drowning at Peneco Beach.

Victim was transported to the Hospital of Faro

A 39-year-old Spanish woman was rescued from the sea by lifeguards at Praia do Peneco, Albufeira this morning, around 10:45 am, and assisted by the military in the Amarok vehicle of the Seawatch project.

The woman, a victim of pre-drowning, after being taken out of the sea, ended up fainting, being assisted by the military, salt swimmers, volunteer firefighters from Albufeira and by the VMER from INEM.

The victim was then transported, conscious, to the Hospital of Faro.

The call for this occurrence was received by the Piquete of the Maritime Police of the Albufeira Post, through the Albufeira Voluntary Fire Department, «having promptly driven together with the vehicle of the SeaWatch project to the accident site», the Maritime Authority said.

The Maritime Police took care of the occurrence.