Allotment in Ponta João de Arens receives a new unfavorable DAY, City Council “brings down” the project

DAY has not yet been made public

Ponta João de Arens – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The UP3 allotment operation, which provides for the construction of three 5-star hotels in Ponta João de Arens, in Portimão, has once again received an unfavorable Environmental Impact Statement (DIA), it has just revealed to the Sul Informação mayor Isilda Gomes.

The Portimonian mayor added that she will propose to the Chamber to "drop the plan", that is, to drop the UP3 subdivision operation.

“The promoters had a first opportunity [which culminated in a first unfavorable DAY, in May 2019], then a second chance. They didn't take advantage of it, so I have no alternative”, stressed Isilda Gomes.

“I thought about bringing the plan down longer, even before the DIA came out. But before, I thought I wasn't warned, because imagine that the DIA was favorable? Prosecutors would fall on the Chamber and the Chamber would have to assume the burden of decision. Thus, shielded by the unfavorable DIA, the Chamber can and must advance», added the president of the municipality.

To what Sul Informação found that the decision on the Environmental Impact Statement has not yet been made public by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, nor by the Portuguese Environment Agency.

Last May, in an interview with Sul Informação, one of the promoters had expressed the conviction that the changes made to the second project delivered to CCDR Algarve, whose public environmental impact assessment ran until June 19, would be enough to lead to the approval of the new version. But they weren't.

The project for Ponta de João de Arens, between Praia do Vau and Alvor, a last stretch of coastline not yet built in the municipality of Portimão, even led to the constitution of a fierce citizenship movement, called “The Last Window to the Sea ”, who vehemently contested the intention during both Environmental Impact Assessment processes.

The Portimão Chamber itself gave a more unfavorable opinion to the project. Some of the main environmental associations, regional and national, also participated in the public discussion, which brought together an almost record number of 524 participations.



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