Plowing the Sea kills nostalgia with “Walking with Art”

These are going to be walks to think

“People missed it. We received lots of messages, phone calls, with expressions of affection, of happiness for being able to follow our project again. Basically, culture is missing».

That's right: “Lavrar o Mar” is back and will start where it left off. The "Walks with Art", initiative that was canceled in March due to Covid-19, start this Sunday, September 20, in Aljezur, and a week later, in Monchique, with walks around a theme. 

The idea remains intact: «these are going to be walks to think», because walking also stimulates the mind.

Thus, what could be “just” another tour will turn into conversations about journalism, architecture, literature or sociology, guided by renowned guests. The theme will always be linked to the professional activity of the guests.

The only thing that changed were «some guests who were not available now», says Giacomo Scalisi, one of the programmers of “Lavrar o Mar”, to the Sul Informação. These are the cases of plastic artist Henrique Frazão or director John Romão.


Giacomo Scalisi


But for their seats, there are new guests who are not far behind. «Rui Horta (choreographer and dancer), for example, did not make it before and will now be with us, as well as João Ferrão (geographer), both in Aljezur», says, enthusiastically, Giacomo.

In Aljezur, there will be a total of 11 walks, with names like Alexandra Lucas Coelho, who will talk about journalism as a way of listening to others and understanding the world, Hugo Denkel, specialist in food culture, or Joana Bértholo, writer who will talk about the fact that writing and telling stories is not much different from walking and looking for routes.

But there is more. Photographer João Mariano is another guest, on a walk where he will talk about US Costa Vicentina, as well as the Algarve architect Mário Martins, who will speak about the combination of ancestral knowledge and current solutions, and Nicolau da Costa, beekeeper, shellfish collector, landscape architect and faithful guardian of Costa Vicentina.

The initiative also has the particularity of having a English Talk: a route aimed at foreigners, where the guest, in Aljezur, is Nuno Barros, a marine biologist.

The walks in Aljezur, which will all start at the same time (10:30 am) with different starting points, are practically sold out: there are only the same places for the English Talk, which attests to the longing that the public already had of Lavrar o Mar.

Don't be discouraged: a week later, on the 27th of September, from 10:30 am, there is more “Walks with Art” in Monchique, with many places still available. To buy tickets, click here

There will only be eight walks there, but that's not why they will be less interesting. As in Aljezur, there were also changes in the guests.

Joana Craveiro, playwright and stage director at Teatro do Vestido, will no longer participate, as will writer Afonso Cruz.


Paulo Pires do Vale


The walks, in Monchique, will bring together, for example, Gustavo Ciriaco, Brazilian choreographer, who will speak about nature, landscape, thought and movement, Paulo Pires do Vale, philosopher and commissioner of the National Plan of the Arts, who will address issues related to philosophy, culture, religion and even aesthetics.

Two other guests are sociologist of culture Alix Sarrouy (English Talk), Joana Gorjão Henriques, a journalist from Público who has written about the growing reality of greenhouses in Odemira and Aljezur, and also Sandro William Junqueira, one of the writers who has produced the texts for the “Medronho” saga by Lavrar o Mar.

These are joined by choreographer and stage director Victor Hugo Pontes, Jorge Palinhos (writer and playwright), João Maria André (university professor and cultural animator) and João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora (filmmakers).

“The idea is for people to share what they urgently think they should share right now. Perhaps the pandemic has added another level of interest in what each of them can tell the participants. The Costa Vicentina and Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park, where the hikes will take place, helps to find that patience: that calmness also for listening to a conversation», says Giacomo Scalisi.

In relation to the first version – which never happened – of these “Walks with Art”, another difference is that there won't be the “great final lunch that was planned, with all the groups”.

“Meals together is now a problem and the big lunch we were going to have with all the groups can no longer happen. We didn't eliminate the food, because the walk will have a long duration, up to 4 hours, but each person will have a small individual picnic», explained Giacomo Scalisi.

For the rest, the resumption of the “Lavrar o Mar” initiatives takes place “with authorization from the health authorities, with all the necessary rules”.

This cultural program, which takes place in Monchique and Aljezur, is a project supported by 365Algarve and CRESC Algarve 2020.



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