ICNF opens tender to hire 7 senior technicians for the Algarve

Interested parties have 20 working days to compete

The Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) has opened a competition for seven jobs in the career and senior technician category, in the Algarve, four in Olhão and three in Chinicato, in the municipality of Lagos.

The open vacancies, which consist of a notice published today in Diário da República, are for entering into employment contracts in public functions for an indefinite period.

The period for receiving applications is 20 working days from the day following publication in the Public Employment Scholarship.

In Olhão, there are two jobs open for competition in the legal area, another for the instruction of cases related to protected species, among other attributions, and a fourth in the area of ​​Defense of the Forest against Fire.

In Chinicato, the available jobs are for the implementation of the national Web-GIS platform (1), for the elaboration of Forest Management Plans (1) and pest control (1).

Details on the attributions of each of the jobs in the competition can be found in the notice of the procedure, available online.

Nationally, there are 25 jobs to be filled.