Algarve hospitals open vacancies for 42 doctors of various specialties

This competition "will make it possible to create conditions to equip the Algarve's hospitals with more specialist doctors"

The University Hospital Center of the Algarve (CHUA) has opened vacancies for 42 new doctors of various specialties, as part of a national competition published last Friday, September 4, in Diário da República. 

«Considered of extreme importance for the University Hospital Center of the Algarve, this tender launched by the Government, through the Ministry of Health, will create conditions to provide Algarve hospital units with more specialist doctors, thus solving if the vacancies are fully filled, some of the main constraints felt over the years».

The 42 vacancies open are distributed by: Pathological Anatomy (1), Anesthesiology (1), Cardiology (1), General Surgery (2), Dermatovenereology (1), Infectious Diseases (1), Endocrinology and Nutrition (1), Stomatology (1), Gynecology/Obstetrics (1), Clinical Hematology (1), Occupational Medicine (1), Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (1), Internal Medicine (4), Nephrology (1), Neurosurgery (1), Neurology (1), Ophthalmology (1), Medical Oncology (1), Orthopedics (2), Clinical Pathology (2), Medical Pediatrics (5), Pulmonology (2), Psychiatry (4), Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1 ), Radiology (2), Rheumatology (1) and Urology (1).

The order with the distribution of the contingent of 950 vacancies in the 1st season competition of recent specialists in the areas of hospitals (911) and public health (39) was published last Friday in Diário da República.

Also on the same day, the notice was published with the opening of the competitive procedure for the recruitment of medical personnel for the category of assistant - hospital areas and public health - of the special medical career and the medical career of health establishments with the nature of a corporate public entity integrated into the NHS, with a view to establishing the 950 legal employment relationships.

The tender has a period of five days, counting from the date of publication in the Diário da República.

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