Managing people…what future?

Let us know how to use creativity to adequately survive all challenges

Despite changes in the world of work, there will always be a set of behavioral standards at a professional level that allow for the establishment of human resources management policies that are more appropriate for a given organization, inserted in a specific society and culture.

Although crises cause profound changes, the results are not always clearly and readily visible. At the corporate level, there were quick adaptations in the strategic guidelines and in the reorganization of work processes, due to the pandemic and consequent mandatory confinement.

The challenge was enormous, without prior preparation, for the creation of improvised home offices, in which the professional and personal worlds mixed chaotically, creating a new (dis)order in each one's life.

Teleworking, as a specific form of work organization, makes it essential to have adequate communication with the team to which one belongs and with the managers; a separation between work and family life; the existence of specific personal characteristics; and ergonomic conditions that promote health at work.

This crisis highlighted other important issues in terms of people/human resources management, such as the importance of emotional management and the development of skills.

Emotional management of teams by establishing close relationships with employees, creating meetings and motivational events through the use of different means. Rethink the development of personal and professional skills more suited to the needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Faced with a scenario of change and unpredictability, the role of the People/Human Resources Manager will assume increasing prominence, as a true partner in the strategic (re)definition of the business, in crisis management and in the definition or strategic reinvention after the crisis, which only happens with and by the people of an organization.

That in this moment of crisis, which is also one of opportunities, we can all in the area of ​​people management have a clearer vision of what makes us different, participating in the change that is urgently needed.

May we know how to use creativity to adequately survive all the challenges that we will have to manage, in a world that looks increasingly unpredictable and challenging limits at all levels of human life.

May the greater digitization of our society and work processes be guided by the discernment of the existence of something invaluable, irreplaceable and completely differentiating that is the human relationship.

We all now have the opportunity to think about recreating a post-pandemic society that truly promotes a better quality of life, well-being and personal and professional fulfillment, in which companies are the real agents of this change.

Aware that a society dedicated to promoting the good of each person will be cultivating the greatest civilizational progress for the benefit of all.


Author Carla Gomes da Costa – Director of the Degree in Human Resources Management, ISMAT, Portimão