Faro has already opened a new competition for the allocation of social housing

The Municipality currently has 447 social housing units, of which 399 are rentable.

The second competition of the Chamber of Faro for the allocation of social housing, under a supported lease, is open since this Monday, 28th of September.

All citizens are on an equal footing, since the selection of beneficiaries of this support will be made by applying objective criteria, provided for in the Housing Park Management Regulation of the Municipality of Faro and also reflected in the edict 170/2020 already published.

Applicants must be of legal age, residing in the municipality of Faro five or more years ago and recorded here.

"In addition, they must have their situation regularized before the Social Security and Tax Authority and meet the other conditions provided for in the regulation", says the Chamber of Faro.

Applications must be delivered by the 11th of November, in person at the Social Intervention and Participatory Policies Division and at the Municipal Market Counter, or sent by mail together with the respective form and documents indicated in the regulations.

The form is mandatory and is available at the Balcão do Municipe, in the Division or on the Chamber's website on here, together with the contest instructions and other conditions of application.

The Municipality's Division of Social Intervention and Participatory Policies is located at Praça José Afonso, nº 1, in Faro, and is open from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 17:00 pm.

The Municipality currently has 447 social housing units, of which 399 are rentable, the rest being leased on a precarious basis.

The Chamber says that it has been carrying out «diligences with the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, with the aim of starting the process of construction of new social housing units, in line with its Local Housing Strategy».

It also includes two important instruments of social housing policy, which are awaiting publication in the Diário da República.

They are the “Municipal Regulation to Support Private Urban Lease for Housing Purposes, by Natural People”, which provides for the attribution of municipal support to lease for those who have lived in the county for more than three years, and the “Municipal Regulation for Support to Restoration/Improvement of Degraded Homes in Disadvantaged Social Strata", which includes support of up to 10 thousand euros for the recovery of first homes.