Faro awards requalification of Mata do Liceu and Jardim da Alameda

To Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, this is a great day for the county

The Chamber of Faro has just awarded, in a meeting, the contracts for the rehabilitation of Mata do Liceu and Jardim da Alameda João de Deus. This is a global investment of 1,8 million euros. 

The objective, says the Chamber of Faro, «requalify and modernize these two emblematic spaces, rightly considered as the “green lungs” of the city, continuing to focus on the restoration of the municipality's arboreal park as a crucial element of its environmental sustainability».

The redevelopment of the old 736th-century garden at Alameda João de Deus was awarded to the company Martins Gago & Filhos, Lda. for around XNUMX euros.

"With this intervention, the intention is to improve the pavement and pedestrian circulation paths, replant and replant species in poor condition or lost, improve lighting, build new bathrooms and service areas and, among others, the assembly of furniture more resistant and aesthetically appealing urban area», says the municipality.

In addition to all this, the playground and geriatric park will also be recreated and refitted. As for the current skating rink, it is expected that in the end it will take the form of a multifunctional platform.

With regard to Mata do Liceu, the approved proposal fell to the company Arquijardim, SA, for around 1 million euros. The intervention intends to respect the existing design, enhancing its functional diversification for all ages.

These works include «the restoration and planting of new trees and shrubs, the introduction of new “anchor spaces”, such as the Street Workout area and arborism and the recreation of existing spaces, such as the geriatric park, the playground and the amphitheater”.

In addition, the objective of the work is to rank pedestrian routes, through the creation of a wide, comfortable and wide visual main circuit, and a secondary one, similar to a cross-country track, intended for physical exercise.

Both interventions result from the landscape architecture study commissioned to Loff – Landscape Office Lda. in 2017 for around 15 thousand euros.

With these important investments, the Chamber of Faro says that "the population and visitors will have at their disposal two green spaces of excellence with comfort and safety for the development of leisure activities, physical activity, events, small fairs, parties, concerts, among others."

To Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, it is a great day for the council, since «this was an old yearning of our population, always postponed for financial reasons, and that we are very happy to be able to satisfy now».

«The financial recovery of the municipality is now a reality and allows us to move forward simultaneously with these two works, which we consider structuring due to the strategic positioning that the city is taking: a cosmopolitan regional capital, but at the same time greener and more inclusive» , he adds.

And this, he concludes, «cannot really be fulfilled until there are no more green, beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces for everyone to enjoy».

The deadline for execution of both contracts is 270 days after the consignment. However, the consignment of works for the requalification of Mata do Liceu is subject to obtaining approval from the Court of Auditors, bearing in mind that contracts with a value of more than 950 thousand euros are subject to prior inspection by that body.