Covid-19: Algarve's numbers "have no comparison" with those of Lisbon and North

"We all know that we are experiencing a pandemic that is far from over," said the Head of State

The numbers of the «Lisbon Metropolitan Area and of some areas of the North region», where the main sources of contagion of Covid-19 are located, «have no comparison» with the situation in the Algarve, he defended, this Friday, 18th of September, the President of the Republic. 

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who inaugurated the remodeling works of a school in Olhão and he returned to dinner with mayors, considering that the numbers of the pandemic «show that there is an overwhelming majority of cases that come from the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon and some areas of the North region. It has no comparison with the Algarve».

Speaking to journalists, the President of the Republic insisted on stressing, even so, the need for all of us to adopt containment measures.

“We all know that we are experiencing a pandemic that is far from over. None of us know if we are halfway, if we are halfway through, but we have many months to go and we have already had many months behind us», he said.

“It's a difficult time, in a difficult year. That is why a contingency situation regime was put in place for the entire territory of Portugal and its application depends on all of us”, he stressed.

The Head of State also referred to the coming weeks as "difficult" and "with more cases".

“This is a very difficult phase, everywhere, with more numbers going up. They are now at 700, may be 1000 or more in the following weeks, knowing that the vast majority are new people and knowing that the NHS does not show stress, at this time, in terms of hospitalization and intensive care and that the number of deaths is relatively low», explained Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

But what if everything gets worse?

«We now have here a great experience in which all Portuguese can help. We have two things that we cannot escape, which is economic activity that cannot stop, whoever works must continue to work, and we have another reality that we do not want to escape from, which is classroom teaching. Let's make an effort not to add to that what we may not add», he considered.

It is that, he referred, the “economic activity itself, causes conviviality”.

“We have to make an effort at school, outside school, in the workplace, sometimes even at family gatherings and gatherings of friends, to carry out a certain amount of restraint. No longer adding factors to those that are already the factors of social life», he concluded.



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