Aljezur promotes a new competition to allocate 16 lots for private housing

Lots are located in Malhadais (Odeceixe), Maria Vinagre (Rogil) and Barrada (Aljezur)

The Municipality of Aljezur approved the attribution, by drawing of lots, of 16 lots in three of the municipal subdivisions in the county, as part of its municipal program to support the construction of own housing.

The attribution will be made by drawing lots, from among the candidates who meet the conditions to be admitted to the competition, in accordance with the municipal regulation in force. The contest will be open for a period of 30 days.

The lots are intended for couples in a married or similar situation, with a dependent household and single people or in an equivalent situation and who meet the criteria defined by the Municipal Regulation that regulates the Candidate Pool, namely those who are residents and registered in the municipality of Aljezur and do not have their own house or land suitable for construction.

The drawing of lots will take place at the Chamber Meeting, according to the dates that will be included in the public notice.

Of the 16 municipal lots now up for tender, three are in the parish of Odeceixe (Malhadais municipal allotment), another three lots are in the Rogil parish (Maria Vinagre municipal allotment) and 10 are in the Aljezur parish (Barrada municipal allotment) .

The municipality explains that “this municipal program has allowed many citizens to build their own housing in municipal subdivisions, in the four parishes of the municipality, with the cost per square meter below the market cost, precisely to allow citizens with less economic capacity to be able to acquire land and start building your own house. If they wish, they can also purchase the standard project from the municipality, also at low cost».

The Council of Aljezur adds that this is "one of the measures that has been in place over several years, and that we intend to promote, allowing the settlement of people in the county, which in recent years has known a growing demand for young people and less young people, who seek the region to settle down».