PS Lagoa understands Ferragudo's concern and “does not condone” dredging in the Arade

PS Lagoa says that APS did not consider all parties affected by the project

The Lagoa PS considers "legitimate" the the indignation of the population of Ferragudo with the “Dredging project to deepen and widen the navigation channel in the port of Portimão“. The socialists in Lagos, in a statement, consider that «as Ferragudo is considered the “Pearl of the Algarve”, PS Lagoa cannot allow this village, which is a postcard of a world-renowned tourist attraction, to be mischaracterized».

Like the Sul Informação advanced, the population of Ferragudo does not want sand taken from the bottom of the River Arade to be deposited on the beaches of Molhe and Pintadinho, as foreseen in the Environmental Impact Study for the dredging project, presented by the Administration of the Ports of Sines and Algarve (APS), which was recently in public consultation.

In a statement signed by Francisco Martins, who left the position of president of the Chamber of Lagoa in the current term, the PS emphasizes that «at a time when one of the banners of the national Socialist Party is the defense of quality and sustainable tourism, and when a considerable investment was made in spreading videos and images of “our” wonderful coasts, paradisiacal beaches and dream places, it seems to us that the consequences of an intervention of this magnitude and the development of “cruise tourism” should be “a concern, not only local but also regional”.

The socialists clarify that it is not in question "any attempt or desire to prevent a progress that will enhance wealth for the populations and consequently for the region", but consider that "the APS did not take into account all the parties that will be affected by the project in question. » that was not «debated in good time with the populations and entities of the entire municipality of Lagoa, who deserve to contribute to the improvement or rejection of interventions that put their heritage and well-being at risk».

For PS Lagoa, there are "several unanswered questions" and the "available information does not contribute to a peaceful acceptance of the decisions presented", which will lead the council to request meetings "with the various responsible entities involved".

Having "doubts about the economic and financial benefits" and about "the negative consequences that a project of this nature always entails, PS Lagoa does not accept the burden of colluding with a project whose environmental, heritage and social impacts could bring irreparable damage for generations to come», concludes the statement.