Faro replaces 1298 luminaires with LED technology

Replacing luminaires allows for "very significant energy savings"

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The old luminaries of the public lighting network in Faro are being replaced by LED technology lamps. In all, 1298 new luminaires have already been purchased with this technology, in a global investment by the municipality of around 192 thousand euros.

According to the Chamber of Faro, «with this intervention to requalify the public space, it will be possible to contribute to the widespread use of more energy-efficient technology, thus enabling the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of the public lighting network».

The autarchy also emphasizes that, with this change, «it reduces the consumption of electricity and the associated CO2 emissions, accumulating savings with energy costs and meeting a more sustainable environmental policy».

So far, new LED luminaires have been installed in Avenida da República, Largo da Estação, Praceta painter Lyster Franco, Rua Infante D. Henrique, Largo de Camões, Rua da Saúde, Travessa da Saúde, Largo de São Sebastião, Rua de São Sebastião, Rua Aboim Ascensão, Largo do Carmo, Parking at Largo do Carmo and Rua General Gomes Freire.

According to Rogério Bacalhau, president of the City Council of Faro, «the replacement of the old luminaires in the public lighting network will allow very significant energy savings and gains in general sustainability, in line with the environmental commitments assumed with our citizens».