Câmara de Loulé refutes accusations of having a technique to usurp the functions of architects

The complaint was filed at the Municipal Assembly by an architect who is a member of the CHEGA party

Photo: Bárbara Caetano|Sul Informação

The Municipality Department of Loulé continues under fire, this time, for allegedly having in its staff "a non-architect who has performed the role of architect since 2017". Heloísa Madeira, the councilor responsible for this department, in an interview with Sul Informação, refutes the accusations and asserts that the official in question has occupied an open position for "higher level three technician, which is what she is".

This is another accusation made by João Ferreira, an architect by profession and a militant of the CHEGA party in Loulé, aimed at the City Council's Department of Urbanism, this time at the Loulé Municipal Assembly on 31 July, last Friday.

It was, moreover, an intervention by this same person that led, albeit indirectly, to the resignation of Adriano Pimpão from the position of president of AM Louletana and, later, of municipal deputy.

The day after he announced his resignation in full session of the Municipal Assembly of Loulé, on 26 June, the former dean of UAlg explained to the Sul Informação that the decision was due to the fact that he believes that the promises that the PS and himself, as an independent candidate who ran for the party's lists, made in the electoral campaign are not being fulfilled.

The drop of water was an exchange of words with elements of the PS, in this AM session, in which Adriano Pimpão defended several times that the accusations made by João Ferreira, who spoke of dual criteria in the evaluation of projects, should be cleared up. which are submitted to the Chamber, even to "put an end to this type of insinuation".

The little reception and even some resistance he received from the socialist elements, the party on whose lists he was elected, after this suggestion, led Adriano Pimpão to announce that he would step aside.

Now, as he did at the time, Heloísa Madeira speaks about the launching of «a cloud of suspicion on the employees of the Municipality of Loulé», which he considers unfair.

“They are trying to raise these suspicions, I don't know for what purpose. But it is not a noble purpose, certainly, it is not the public interest that is at stake here. They are other interests, which the people who launch them will know», accused the councilor.

As for the allegations made by the citizen who intervened in the last AM, Heloísa Madeira says that the official concerned "entered the Chamber under a competition in which the only requirement was a degree in architecture", and that she "completed all the requirements of the competition" .

“She is not registered with the Order, but we, in the competition, did not require her to be registered with the Order of Architects (OA)”, he assured.

The architect, on the other hand, who made the allegation that there would be irregularities «and even illegalities», says that the employee in question «has been issuing technical information and giving information to the public, thus exercising acts specific to the profession of architect, usurping these functions'.

Heloísa Madeira, on the other hand, says that the technique “does not sign projects. It cleans up and checks the projects that are entered here, work that is always later validated by a technician with more years at the company and, later, by the head of the Division».

Even so, the municipal executive is "considering questioning the Order" on "whether the exact functions that this technique performs are acts proper to architects or not", since "we don't want to be doing anything that is less clear or violates some of the OA standards"

João Ferreira considers, for his part, that the challenge to the competition under which this official was admitted "will obviously happen, not least because it is covered with illegalities and harmed other architects who did not enter, although they were qualified as such".

The City Councilor of Loulé Town Council stressed that this competition was not exclusively aimed at architects, although professionals registered with the Order have been admitted within its scope.

“What was required was a degree in architecture. The candidates took a written test here in the Chamber, they took psychological tests, the interviews and she was one of the ones that stayed», he explained.

«In this competition, almost everyone who passed the requirements entered, because while we had a recruitment grant, we were giving entry to several technicians, some of them architects registered with the Order. I think that, in all, there were nine people who entered under this procedure,” he added.

As for the possible challenge to the tender, “the tender procedure is not null and void”, guarantees Heloísa Madeira.

However, the citizen who made the intervention in the AM de Loulé on Friday says he has already filed a complaint with the Order of Architects, the Judiciary Police and the Public Ministry.



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