Only 37,3% of the houses for sale or for rent in the Algarve have air conditioning

Algarve is, despite that, the region of the country where there are more houses with refrigeration system

Despite the fact that it is midsummer and the country is experiencing a heat wave, only 17,8% of homes in Portugal have air conditioning, according to a study published by idealista, Portugal's real estate marketplace.

To obtain this data, the idealista analyzed more than 300 homes for sale and for rent advertised in its database on July 14, 2020.

Faro is the city with the most air-conditioned houses advertised for sale and lease (36,9%), followed by Viseu (30,6%), Braga (25,8%), Lisbon (21,2%) and Coimbra (20,8%), in that order. In Porto, only 15,7% of properties advertised for sale and lease have A/C, less than the national average (17,8%).

In the opposite direction, there is Bragança, which is the Portuguese city with the fewest houses advertised for sale and lease equipped with A/C (4,4%). Guarda and Vila Real (4,8% and 5,2%, respectively) complete the podium.

By region, it is in the Algarve where there is a higher percentage of air-conditioned houses advertised for sale and rent (37,3%). This is followed by Lisbon (18,6%), Alentejo (15,9%), North (12,9%), Center (10%) and Madeira (6,7%). At the bottom of the table are the Azores (4,2%).

In the Portuguese housing stock, the difference between air-conditioned houses for sale and for rent is significant, with lease gaining an advantage. Of the houses available for rent, 19,7% have this facility, while the houses that are for sale only 17,7% have air conditioning.

By cities, 22,1% of houses for rent in Lisbon have air conditioning, while for purchase, 20,9%. The same happens in Évora (lease: 23,5%; sale: 9%), Santarém (lease: 21,1%; sale: 7,6%), Leiria (lease: 14,5%; sale: 6,6 %) and Faro (lease: 40,7%; sale: 36,8%).

On the other hand, 21,8% of the houses for sale in Coimbra have an air conditioning system, while for rent only 11,1% have this extra. In Braga the situation is identical, there are more houses for sale with air conditioning (26,5%) than for rent (16%).

In Beja, Bragança, Guarda, Portalegre and Vila Real, none of the houses that are available for rent have air conditioning.