Portimão resumes “Prato Certo” with food tips

Program is promoted by Associação In Loco

The social innovation project “Prato Certo” was resumed this Wednesday, July 29, in Portimão, in an action, at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in which materials were given with tips on saving. 

According to the Portimão City Council, during the action, under the scope of the “Right Plate on Wheels – Beneficiaries Baskets”, “a set of materials was delivered, with tips on how to monetize the products that make up the basket, examples of possible meals to be made with these products , freezing, storage and cooking advice».

The “Prato Certo” project, publicly presented at the beginning of last March in Portimão, aims to place healthy, affordable and appetizing food at the center of community life, providing it with ideas and instruments that help individuals, families, caregivers and technicians to choose the right choices at the table.



Promoted by Associação In Loco and co-financed by the CRESC Algarve – Portugal Social Innovation program, the Municipality of Portimão is one of the main social investors and intends to take the “Certain Plate on Wheels” to schools, caregivers and grandparents by 2021 and the community in general.

At the beginning, 36 sessions were planned for Portimão, aimed at priority audiences and the local community, with the support of the UMEA – Mobile Food Education Unit, a kind of “kitchen on wheels” where a team composed of nutritionists, chefs and educators will raise awareness of the growing need for healthy eating.

Due to the new coronavirus, and the impossibility of having in-person food education sessions, some adjustments in the schedule were necessary, so the Municipality of Portimão launched a challenge, in collaboration with the “Prato Certo” team, in order to maintain the schedules sessions scheduled for September, using new technologies.



Following this first action, carried out on Wednesday morning, two new recipes will be made available every month, applicable to all beneficiaries of the food basket, distributed by the vast network of associations/institutions that ensure this throughout the year. an important response from the Municipality and which is complemented with a set of other social initiatives, reflecting the dynamics of the social network in Portimão.

For the implementation of this project on the ground, the Chamber counts on the support of several social support institutions and schools, as well as some municipal services, such as the Senior Social Centres, Community Centers of the Municipality, Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão and Portimão Municipal Market.