Works “take” the Municipal Market of Silves to the Municipal Swimming Pools

Requalification of Silves Municipal Market should take 8 months

The Municipal Market of Silves will be open from today, July 1st, at the same time, next to the Municipal Swimming Pool complex, due to the start of the renovation works in the Market building.

The refurbishment work is expected to take eight months and will cost around 1,3 million euros, co-financed by community funds at 210.000 euros (non-refundable) and 661.500 euros by the European Investment Bank (reimbursable).

According to the Municipality of Silves, this will be a "large-scale intervention in the existing installations".

There will be a 'comprehensive requalification of the building's interior and exterior spaces, new equipment, reorganization and relocation of sales stalls, introduction of a mezzanine in the western part of the building for the installation of two food and beverage establishments, creation of a terrace space on the roof on the ground floor terrace, renovation of the surrounding road network and the installation of a panoramic elevator», concludes the Municipality of Silves.