Luís Graça re-elected president of PS Algarve

Tatiana Homem de Gouveia was elected to the presidency of the Socialist Women of the Algarve Federation

Luís Graça was re-elected this Friday for a second term as president of the Algarve Regional Federation of the Socialist Party (PS), with 95% of the votes cast. Tatiana Homem de Gouveia was elected president of the Federative Department of Socialist Women-Equality and Rights, also with 95% of the votes cast.

This electoral act, which had unique lists for the two bodies, also elected delegates to the XVIII Regional Congress, which will be held in Faro on September 12th.

Luís Graça is president of PS Algarve this 2018, president of the Municipal Assembly of Faro and deputy in the Assembly of the Republic. In the strategy motion he presented to these elections, “Algarve, Our Strength”, “he analyzes the current situation in the region and the violent impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the economy”.

Luís Graça, after counting the votes, underlined that «the Algarve will overcome this crisis by fulfilling the commitments that the PS assumed last October with the region and the Algarve, namely the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve, the electrification of the railway, the implementation of a Water Safety and Management Plan, which guarantees us water in quality and quantity, a further reduction in tolls on Via do Infante, an affordable housing program in our cities and towns, the Port of Cruises in Portimão and navigability from Guadiana to Alcoutim/Pomarão, the construction of new facilities for the Judiciary Police, the fight against climate change and the strengthening of biodiversity and environmental excellence in the Algarve».

For Graça, these «are goals that we maintain and that, with this crisis, have become even more decisive and critical».

Tatiana Homem de Gouveia, lawyer and municipal deputy in Faro, who was elected president of the Socialist Women of the Algarve Federation, presented the motion “With all, for all”.

The leader affirms that it is "a difficult moment that we are facing and social inequalities will be felt more intensely". Therefore, “we must be attentive and act with a view to mitigating the difficulties that will arise”.