Luís Graça re-applies to PS Algarve, Tatiana Homem de Gouveia makes her debut in Socialist Women

Socialist militants go to votes

The Algarve socialist activists will vote on Friday, the 17th, to choose the next president of the PS Algarve Federation, the next president of the Department of Socialist Women – Equality and Rights of the Algarve, as well as delegates to the Regional Congress that will take place in Faro on September 12th.

This election, which takes place between 18 pm and 22 pm, is part of the Socialist Party's internal elections.

Luís Graça, current president of the PS/Algarve Federation, President of the Municipal Assembly of Faro and still a deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, he is re-candidate for the position he has held since 2018.

For her part, Tatiana Homem de Gouveia, lawyer and municipal deputy in Faro, is applying, for the first time, to the Algarve Federative Department of Socialist Women – Equality and Rights.