Group of migrants lands on Ilha do Farol

Men will come from Morocco

A group of more than a dozen migrants landed today, Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon in Ilha do Farothere, in Faro.

According to Correio da Manhã, the men came from Morocco “in a small boat”.

The same newspaper said that the Maritime Police and the GNR were alerted to the situation by the people and are trying to capture all elements of the group.

In recent months, this is already the fifth attempt to land migrants from North Africa intercepted on the Algarve coast.

on June 15th, a group of 22 men, supposedly of Moroccan nationality, landed on the beach at Vale de Lobo. Days before, on June 6, another boat with 6 migrants, who also claimed to be Moroccans, had already been intercepted inside the Ria Formosa.

On January 29th, the same thing had happened, with a vessel with 11 migrants, coming from El Jadida, a Moroccan coastal town, who were caught in front of the Barra da Armona.

The first group of Moroccan migrants had arrived in the Algarve on the 11th of December, when 8 young people who also claimed to come from El Jadida (the former Portuguese Mazagão) landed on the beach of Monte Gordo, where they were intercepted by the authorities.



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